Welcome to the LouHIE Collaboration Portal



Updated 2-2-07

About the FREE LouHIE Collaboration Portal:

The Louisville Health Information Exchange Collaboration portal is provided courtesy of University of Louisville Research Foundation and VisPlex Association, Inc. (a not-for-profit organization). This "experimental" software was developed with state funding support. It is being run through a not-for-profit (VisPlex Association, Inc., www.visplex.org) set up to provide a "neutral space" for collaboration.

LouHIE and its affiliates are paying no fees for this service during the start-up. There are no financial obligations for individuals or organizations who are LouHIE affiliates. However, each party agrees, upon first sign-in, to behave ethically, keep private what is private, tell the truth and otherwise be a "good citizen" of the community. The sign-in agreement is cancellable at any time.

Please know that this is new, experimental software. Please let the UofL team know if you have problems, and we will do our best to fix them as soon as possible.

Finally, by way of disclosure, the software being used was partially funded by state economic development money with a goal of creating a commercial software for health information networks. UofL currently has a financial interest in the software. Judah Thornewill and Bob Esterhay have, effective 2-1-07, announced they are divesting themselves of any financial interest in VisPlex, to maintain objectivity in relationship to LouHIE