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Company Name Email Comments
Vecna Technologies Dr. BP Agrawal Vecna has innovated medical record repositories for several years and is seeking a partner interested in running the operations.
HLN Consulting, LLC Dr. Noam H Arzt HLN is active in HL7 and HITSP and works especially with public health agencies on health information exchange and various types of registries. We are interested in working with others on relevant projects.
Medix Technologies Inc. Dr. Christian Awaraji Using industry standard encryption systems, our Distributed Application Middleware Engine (DAME) allows fast and secure implementation of multilingual data collection web applications in research and clinical settings, allowing the sharing of de-identified data seamlessly while ensuring data ownership and patient health information privacy. To allow greater flexibility DAME based solutions can be deployed on Windows and Unix platforms and can use most industry databases (Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL, MySQL...).
IBM Richard Bakalar Richard S. Bakalar, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
IBM Corporation, Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS)
Procura Health Resources, Inc. Ms. Stephanie A. Barnett For the last two years, Procura Health Resources has been assisting hospital and physician organizations in implementing new technology (including EMR systems). We believe we are well-equipped to help prospective bidders in developing strategies and techniques for building sponsorship and facilitating system roll-out to physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers.
Technology Consulting Inc. Robert Bashore TCI has experience building web based Electronic Public Health Record Systems (EPHRS). TCI implemented an integrated EPHRS in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. TCI is interested in partnering with other vendors on this opportunity.
InfoVision Group Mr. Elmer P Bean InfoVision Group has been focused on delivering effective solutions to a global clientele in the healthcare industry. The ability to offer customized and a wide range of quality solutions are backed up by InfoVisions expertise on implementing HIPAA compliant solutions. These solutions are aimed at benefiting both the payers and providers worldwide.

The various Healthcare services include:
Hospital Back Office
Healthcare Records Management
Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Billing & Payments
Post-Discharge Patient Surveys
Claims processing
Application Development
Meeting, Seminar and Event Registration And Notification
Staff Recruitment Screening and more

Some key benefits realized through InfoVisions healthcare solutions:
Reduce Capital Investment on Infrastructure
Reduce Administrative costs
Increased Productivity
Increase in Service Levels
Increased Accuracy Rates

Some of our other clients are American Express, Microsoft, GE Capital, Honda, and Lufthansa to name a few.

We are seeking strategic alliances within the healthcare industry to offer cost effective solutions, for both the vendor and the customer.
Vecna Technologies, Inc. Michael Bearman
BSTI Rick Brady BSTI is interested in subcontracting for the LOUHIE project.

Our President and Chief Technology Officer, Rick Brady, is on the CCHIT Security Work Group. Our extensive experience includes:
- Working with information security in the healthcare industry, including HIPAA compliance.
- Web based system development
- Database design, integration and implementation
- System integration (Cerner)

You can access our email newsletter and blogs for health information security and learn more about us at our Web site,
SMA Informatics Mr Warren T Brennan, Jr
Strategies for Tomorrow, Inc. Ms. Camilla H Brown Strategies for Tomorrow, Inc. has experience working with community collaborations and RHIOs including Michiana Health Information Network, HealthBridge, and IHIE, among others. We work with communities to develop community-based business plans including IT strategies, sustainable business model, funding, and governance. Our role is to gain commitment from the stakeholders. We facilitate community/vendor communication by helping communities make decisions critical to successful vendor participation and assisting with community-wide deployment.
Super-Server, LLC Mr. Frank E. Butler, Jr. Super-Server, LLC provides virtual desktop or application deployment capabilities using a utility-like pay as you go business model. Because Super-Server is software agnostic we are able to deliver almost any Windows application or suite of applications to any device connected to the Internet, thereby relieving the end-user or end-user company of all application delivery or support responsibilites. By using a common infrastructure to deliver medical applications from multiple vendors, data "pooling" becomes possible while at the same time eliminating the need to mandate one software package over another to a user community with diverse software or technology preferences.
Fleishman-Hillard Carolyn Cawley Fleishman-Hillard Communications is one of the leading public relations firms in the country. Our health care and public affairs groups have been the exclusive communications consultants to the founder of eHealthTrust, meaning we have developed subject-matter expertise that no other firm can offer.

We understand the landscape of HIT, the community health information exchange debate, EHRs/PHRs and the eHealthTrust model. Having developed communications strategies and messages for eHealthTrust, we have examined the issues ahead among virtually every audience, including consumers, physicians, HIT industry groups, media, employers, government, and payers.

As you know, the RFP includes a marketing function. With our expertise in hand, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with a company bidding on the RFP for Louisville eHealthTrust Operations. Communications will play a key role in the success of the project from creating awareness among patient subscribers, to recruiting physician participants, and gaining the national exposure necessary to grow this model of true patient empowerment.

Interested parties should contact:
Anne Woodbury (202-828-8807) ([email protected])
-- or --
Carolyn Cawley (202-828-8816) ([email protected])
Unisys Ted Cheatham Unisys would be interested in partnership opportunities.
CentrifyHealth Mr. Frank J Convertino
BearingPoint Mr Paul E Cramblet
Emergint Technologies, Inc. Gil Delgado Emergint is building the Greater Louisville Community Surveillance System including HIPAA compliant ID services (unique ID keys and De-ID), as well as data normalization & harmonization, rules based filtering and routing with subscription based access. We know this client well, though given the funding approach, we're not pursuing this as prime, but are interested in teaming.
Microsoft Mr Kevin Dolan Feel free to contact me if you require support for your .NET based solution proposal.
ARINC Mr Raymond Dudley We are interested in partnering with a to pursue this bid opportunity.

ARINC was formed in 1929 as a not-for-profit by a consortium of airlines and aircraft manufacturers in the interest of aviation safety. We are for aviation what every RHIO is pusuing for healthcare.

ARINC is a company of 3,200 and had revenues of over $890M in 2005. Our data centers and global networks support over 16 Million data exchanges per day for mission critical life impacting comunications.

In healthcare, we are leveraging our expertise in applications interoperability, our data centers and networks and our skills in network engineering. Most recently we were awarded a contract to host and resell an application for lab orders andresults for 8 hospitals and 2 large reference lab companies. We are also the company that has been working with the MD/DC Collaborative for HIT as the architect of their planned HIN.
Iron Mountain Mr. Lawrence Taylor Einbinder Iron Mountain wishes to partner with a primary respondent to this bid. We offer comprehensive healthcare records management services to over 4500 healthcare providers.
Iron Mountain offers "secure" storage and retrieval services for both hard copy and digital records.
Our trained staff can assist in helping prepare records to go offsite, index them, and then become a repository (digital or paper) for the records. On demand we can convert the records or abstracts of the records into digital format for ingestion into an EHR or PACS system. We also offer facilities management services and shredding services.
For more information please contact me, Larry Einbinder @ the above e mail or [email protected] Phone 954-424-5802. Our website is Thank you.
EDS Donald J Garrison
CGI-AMS Mr John P George
Point and Click Solutions, Inc Jeffery Gleis Point and Click Solutions, Inc. is a vendor of Integrated Appointment Scheduling, EHR, Reporting, and Patient Web Portal Software
Good Health Network, Inc. Jonathan Goldstein
Helix Innovations Mr. Matt Gross Helix Innovations is currently coordinating a project in North Carolina with a number of partners including the North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communication Alliance (which is also part of IBM's NHIN prototype contract), the state's Medicaid program, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics. We will be addressing health disparities potentially using a consumer-centric healthcare account model similar to an eHealth Trust. We're interested in attempting to develop a system that would support both the North Carolina and the Louisville initiatives and would be interested in talking with anyone who might be able to support this type of multi-initiative approach.
True North Technology, Inc. Tom Haddock True North Technology provides the ability to publish software applications through the Northstar Software as as service network. Through Northstar, physicians and medical professionals can securely access applications and shared records from any browser enabled device. We are interested in taking the infrastructure costs and headaches out of delivering patient and administrative applications and data.
eClinicalWorks Mr. Joe Hansbauer eClinicalWorks is the fastest growing EHR software company. We currently interface with others to provide a quality community EMR environment. We are interested in working with other vendors on this project.
MedicAlert Foundation David G Harrington
EZ Outlook Mr. Tom Haselden Located in Louisville, Kentucky, since 1986 we have been providing advanced applications for healthcare clients across the nation. These clients include:

Maimonides Medical Center
Trinitas Hospital
San Antonio Community Hospital
UCI Medical Center
West Jefferson Medical Center

Among these applications are dictation and transcription, EMR, billing, and custom and HL7 interfaces. We also host, in an IBM certified environment, a number of Microsoft Products such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Live Communications and Media server to medical practices and small businesses.

We can offer our partners the following:

Local presence and local networking
20 Years of experience in application development

Intellectual properties which include:
*HL7 Engine
*Hosted, web based, small office EMR system

Application inventory which include the following technologies:
*Tablet and Pocket PCs
*Microsoft Office 2003
*Voice Recognition

We are seeking partnerships in the eHealthTrust project which will maximize our capabilities. We have worked with large vendors including Unisys, Wang, Eclipsys, and LabCorp. These relationships vary from subcontracts to reseller agreements. We feel we are in an excellent position to get the right partners a head start on this exciting project.

If you wish to discuss our capabilities and determine if there is a fit for our companies please contact me at the address below.


Tom Haselden
EZ Outlook Web Services
502-638-2127 ext 103
Misys Healthcare Todd Helmink We provide physician automation solutions across all care venues.
Practice Management, EMR, LIS, Homecare, CPR, RAD, Pharmacy, Claims
Health Care Excel Laura Holtz
Syntel Inc. Amit Jindal
Xtria George Michael Kane, M.S. We would be happy to explore synergies with other bidders
ZirMed Jim Lacy I would like to be included as a partner.
Medicity Ms. Rebecca Little Would love to entertain discussions with other vendors/suppliers with complementary offerings. Medicity offers web-based technology solutions for payers, clinical providers, and patients.
ACS Healthcare Solutions Chris Mansueti
Peak10/Xodiax Mr David K Martin Peak 10 Louisville specializes in the colocation, hosting and management of complex IT environments, ensuring the availability, security and integrity of critical data and business applications around the clock. The company owns and operates two world-class data centers in Louisville that are staffed by skilled engineers and support personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company has additional data centers in North Carolina and Florida. For additional information please contact Dave Martin at [email protected]
Med.IT, LLC Dr. Janet T. Martino Physician with 15 years IT and Program Management experience in very large healthcare system. Good understanding of interoperability architectures, and semantic interoperability issues. Adept at facilitating communications between the functional and technical communities. Experienced in process analysis and improvement.

Interested in partnering either as a sub or consultant. Disabled vet and woman-owned small business.
Kryptiq, Inc. Rick Matousek Kryptiq provides workflow connectivity solutions for healthcare by streamlining communications among patients, providers and payers with secure messaging technologies. By integrating our solutions into existing applications, Kryptiq will provide a secure messaging platform to connect healthcare professionals.

Our suite of products includes ClinicalMessenger, which adds electronic communication capabilities to existing information systems; CareCatalyst, which provides medical practices with portal capabilities to deliver online health services to patients; CareManager, which tracks patients with chronic medical conditions in an Award-Winning Disease Management System; DocuTrak, an electronic document management system; and eScriptMessenger, which connects doctors and pharmacists electronically.

Weve built a bridge between closed systems so people can safely share information and digital documents between otherwise incompatible systems. We dont compete with companies that have created closed systems, we just help get information from one place to another in a secure, seamless way.

On the health plan side, we help companies manage work flows by providing automation tools to facilitate the contracting process with healthcare providers.
Northrop Grumman Richard J McCormick
Health Network Services Mr Jay McCutcheon Health Network Services is a 6 year old company that is planning or has planned for 5 RHIO/HIEs and operates one of the early HIEs in Indiana, We are currently engaged in Delaware, Arizona, Richmond, Lansing and South Bend. We have experience in all dimensions of the operating HIE, EHRs, interfaces,light weight physician practice inbox services,practice mgt and emr asps,and the financing and operational responsibilites.
Kitestring, Inc. Timothy L Miller Kitestring has been in business for 10 years in the Louisville area. Our expertise in document scanning especially in the area of medical files is our speciality.
Hitachi Consulting David Moore
Perot Systems Corporation Ms. Susan Noack
Axolotl Corp Edward Thomas Novelli Perhaps the most experienced vendor in the RHIO space, founded in 1995 as a clinical collaboration and data management company, Axolotl has been providing communities, hospitals and large health systems with web-based tools to electronically exchange and distribute clinical information to their affiliated physicians for ten years. For this project Axolotl would expect to leverage services, products and strategies that have successfully connected communities, and incorporate innovative approaches that we are building for the NHIN Prototype.
Wells Fargo Pete Palmer 02-21-2006

Wells Fargo is interested in finding partners.

We would like to provide Membership Card services, virtual smart cards for participant authentication, and electronic authentication services.

These services are already mature in the financial sector and we are looking for ways to deploy them in health care.

Additionally, we can support HSA services and the banking operations for physician fee management.

Please contact me at:

Phone: 612-667-9655
Eclipsys Jason Puckett
Quovadx Jerry Rankin Quovadx offers:

- Integration and Interoperatbility Software and Professional Services (Cloverleaf Integration Suite)
- MPI/RLS Software and Implementation (Initiate Software)
- Terminology service implementation
- ePrescribing enablement
- MD Office connectivity
- Extensive experience in RHIO enablement.
Wellogic Mr. Max Reverman
patientkeeper jeff riemer Patientkeeper: Award winning mobile technology.
- Provides a complete set of options to integrate with existing information systems.
- Centralizes configuration, administration, and deployment of all PatientKeeper applications.
- Manages connectivity to mobile devices.
- Provides multiple layers of security and full HIPPA-compliant auditing.
- Distributed architecture to support RHIO projects.
- Provides clincial viewer or physician portal for accessing patient information.
- Complete, Affordable downtime solution
The Boeing Company Ms. Sandra Ann Rominger Boeing offers a Secure Network Server, SNS-3010, which can interconnect devices and networks operating at different security levels. The SNS-3010 incorporates standard protocols, including Ethernet, IP (with CIPSO), ICMP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, RFC 822, and XML for easy interfacing to COTS products. It provides high security assurance (Common Criteria EAL-7 requirements), eliminating the need for physical separation and a "sneakernet" between high assurance systems such as an eHealthTrust and low-assurance systems such as the Internet. It provides proxy-based information high-to-low transfers using configurable filters and proxy-based information upgrade low-to-high without compromising the high side system.

Boeing is also considering a range of options for participating in the Louisville Health Information Exchange as a large scale integrator.
NextGen Healthcare Information Systems David M Ruhland
Salkowitz Associates, LLC Ms Susan M Salkowitz Subject matter consultant interested in subcontracting
Button Systems, Inc. Peter A Schickler We have considerable experience building and maintaining online chronic care registries and have extensive libraries of routines to facilitate building the eHealthTrust environment.
Systemware, Inc. Gordon Sellers Looking to provide Document/Content/Records Management capabilities.

For 25 years, Systemware has been helping enterprises improve their operational performance by leveraging the information in their businesses more effectively. We provide content -enabled vertical applications (CEVA), built on our Centraspect technology, to industries including banking, insurance, healthcare and retail.

Centraspect-HC is a multiplatform, enterprise scaleable document, content and records management system optimized specifically for the healthcare industry.

It provides a centralized repository for capturing, securing, organizing and reusing content and documents generated by clinicians, clinical and administrative systems as well as third parties. Centraspect-HC enables providers to improve their revenue-cycle, augment their EHR initiative and effectively manage all their documents and records to meet internal policy or compliance requirements.

Available for deployment on multiple platforms, Centraspect-HC includes the capability to deploy content-rich, workflow-enabled applications, in conjunction with your existing systems. These browser-based applications provide clinicians and administrative users context-based information on demand.

Specifically, Centraspect-HC enables hospitals and physicians offices to:
Improve their revenue-cycle, by streamlining the billing and collections process
Ensure records retention compliance through automated policy enforcement
Augment their electronic health records initiative by ensuring access to a patients entire longitudinal medical information
COMPETITIVE EDGE for Healthcare, LLC Dr Charlie F. Smith, MD
Infosys Technologies Ltd. Praveen Soti, MD, MBA We are interested in partnering with other vendors on this bid for exploring opportunities for collaboration and for leveraging mutual strengths.
MedAccess Plus Health Informatic Network CEO Steven Douglas Spady MedAccessPlus Health Informatics Network provides HIMSS/IHE complient infrasture and repository capablities.
Allscripts Lisa Spelllman Allscripts may be interested to consider partnerships with others for this project. Please contact Lisa Spellman, 319.400.4492, [email protected]
Orion Systems International Steve Stone Orion Health is a leader in Health Integration and has implemented many large RHIO-type projects world-wide and in North America. We specialize in integrating patient information from disparate systems across the health economy.
Very interested in partnering in RHIO opportunities.
WebReach, Inc. Jon Teichrow
Booz Allen Hamilton Denise M Tingle
InterSystems Mr. James F. Turner InterSystems is interested in partnering with partners on this bid. We are a software only company and have been offering technology to healthcare for 28 years with 100,000 systems and 4 million users installed. We have a strong presence in Kentucky with hosptials and partners of our technology including 10 out of the top 10 of "America's Best Hospitals"*, 10
out of the "Top 10 IHN's" **, and 6 out of the top 10 Healthcare Software
Vendors. [*US News and
** Modern Healthcare]

The technology we will be proposing for DHIN, Ensemble, was selected as the
platform for the National Dutch HER project (August 2005) that will
integrate 20,000 applications across the continuum of care in the
Netherlands. We are opened for a complementary SI to complete our Integration offering.


Jim Turner
HIE/RHIO Specialist
O - 617-551-7158
C - 617-283-6979
Apelon Mr. Mark S. Tuttle, FACMI Apelon is the industry leader in data normalization and interoperability. We have unique expertise in all FHA terminologies and code sets. We are interested in collaborating with other vendors in this opportunity.
Novell Ellen M Van Buskirk Novell is an industry leader in Identity , Infrastructure and Trusted Authentication. We are keenly interested in and have a high level of committment to the emerging e-Health Solution for the greater Louisville Community
dbMotion Inc Steve Vance The dbMotion solution enables healthcare organizations to securely share clinical information, regardless of the format and geographical location of the data. The dbMotion solution creates a patient-centric virtual repository by logically connecting a group of care providers and organizations such as hospital, out-patient clinics, and physician offices. All information remains in its original form, location, and system.
The dbMotion solution is the technology network for the world's largest healthcare infomation exchange, located in Israel, and serving over 4.5 million patients.
TPMA Dr. J.W. (Jim) Wheeler
SunGard Availability Services Mr Jason Allan Winn We are interested in Partnering with other vendors on this project. We have the production floor space, management and monitoring of the hardware and disaster recovery requirements covered. Please contact me if you think your organization could compliment our services for this RFP. Jason Winn 615-260-2277
Good Health Network Lory Wood