The Louisville Health Information Exchange, Inc. (LouHIE)  A Kentucky e-Health Network RHIO for the Louisville region.
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LouHIE Intranet

About Louisville Health Information Exchange, Inc.

Louisville Health Information Exchange, Inc., (LouHIE for short) is a not-for-profit 501(c)4 corporation, formed in January, 2006, to serve as a community health information exchange for the greater Louisville area community.

LouHIE's vision is to  contain rising costs and improve quality of healthcare … by providing consumers and their providers anytime, anywhere access to complete healthcare information and decision-support. 

LouHIE was formed after two years of research by University of Louisville, School of Public Health and Information Sciences.  LouHIE is governed by a multi-stakeholder board of directors representing consumers, employers, insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, public health, physicians, nurses and others.   The board is structured using the "collaborative community for health" governance and management structure developed at UofL.   

A collaborative approach is being taken to develop LouHIE's services in a way that will deliver maximum value for all individuals and organizations in Louisville.  To get involved, and receive newsletters, please register FREE for the LouHIE mailing list.

Important documents such as LouHIE's bylaws, ethics policy and business plan can be accessed through the LouHIE Library.  

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Research funding for this project provided by the Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation (2004-6), Kentucky Legislature under SB 2 (2005-6) Kentucky Department for Public Health and the Kentucky Hospital Association (2005-6).   Additional funding, staff and technologies provided by University of Louisville, School of Public Health and Information Sciences and VisPlex Association, Inc.