The Louisville Health Information Exchange, Inc. (LouHIE)  A Kentucky e-Health Network RHIO for the Louisville region.
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LouHIE Intranet

Directors, Committee Members and Others

NOTE:  As of 8-20-08, all board meeting agendas and minutes are posted on our new Google Intranet at:

Other Information

The LouHIE Bylaws Tutorial, August 23, 2006, describes LouHIE's governance processes, board structure and Bylaws information.  Details about the underlying complexity science methodology developed by UofL is described in "LouHIE Governance and Management." 

Please contact LouHIE if you wish to be represented or involved in any committee.  




Board Position

Who Appoints?  

Stakeholder Group Represented


Sheila Andersen

Director, Chair of the Consumer Quadrant and Chair of the Board

LOUHIE Consumer Quadrant

All Louisville area consumers



Shannon Turner Executive Vice President, University Health Care


Director and Chair of Medicaid & SafetyNet Committee

LOUHIE Medicaid & SafetyNet  Committee

Medicaid and Safety Net populations



Joe Wise, Greater Louisville Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO

Director and Chair of Employer Committee

LOUHIE Employer Committee 

Private employers and unions, and their employees



Janet Pollock

Director and Chair of Seniors Committee

LOUHIE Seniors Committee

Medicare and elderly populations


Gerald Joiner

Director, Chair and Treasurer

LOUHIE Resource Quadrant  

All Louisville area health resource providers



Janna Meek (Humana)
Mike Lorch (Anthem)

Directors and Co-Chairs of Payers Committee

LOUHIE payer committee 

Area Health insurance firms



Judy Nichols

Director and Chair of Health IT Committee

LOUHIE Health IT Committee 

e-Health technology infrastructure providers



Lisa Robbins

Director and Chair of Workforce Committee

LOUHIE Workforce Committee

Healthcare workforce educators (schools, colleges, etc.)


Nancy Galvagni

Director, and Chair, and Vice-Chair of Board

LOUHIE Producer Quadrant

Health Tech, Hospitals, Retail services.



Teresa Leezer
Vice President Metacyte  

Director and Chair

LOUHIE Health Products Committee

Health technology firms including pharmaceuticals




Director and Chair

LOUHIE Hospitals et al. Committee 

Louisville area hospitals and other providers



Amey Hugg

Mike Wyant, Cardinal Health

Director of Retail Services and Pharmacies Committee

LOUHIE Retail Services Committee 

Pharmacies, Clinics and retail health service organizations


Kenny Zegart

Director, Caregiver Quadrant Chair and Board Secretary

LOUHIE Caregiver Quadrant Committees

Public health and health media, physicians, nurses et al.



Jan Hecht

Director and Chair

LOUHIE Public Health and Education Committee

Public Health and Health education



Lyle Graham

Director, Physicians et al. Committee

LOUHIE Physician Committee /  Greater Louisville Medical Society

Physicians and other medical order-writers



Gracie Wishnia

Director and Chair

LOUHIE Nurses and other Practitioners Committee

Nurses and other allied health professionals

For Functional Committees, click here.  These include Ethics/Finance, Privacy, Business Model and Community Conversation Committees.  

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