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Effective 7-11-08...LouHIE's library, including all documents related to LouHIE, is on Google Sites. 

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January 5, 2008

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The US IT Dashboard

Connecting Communities for Health

US Office of National Coordinator for Health IT

Featured News Items:

April 25, 2005
HealthLeaders News: Leadership, Vendor Issues Slow Progress of RHIOs

April 26, 2005

Survey: Execs Unsure About IT Roles
A survey of health care information technology leaders found that "too few senior executives identified governance as critical to IT success," Modern Physician reports. more



Aug 22, 2007
The HIMSS State Dashboard is a completely free resource provided by HIMSS to the general public. It is an easy-to-use interactive map that tracks information on state healthcare related grants, legislation, Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). It also provides useful information about HIMSS Chapters and HIMSS Davies Award winners.
July 23, 2007
RHIO Press Coverage, "Privacy is key to interoperability."
May 16, 2007
RHIO Connecting Communities Forums was a success in Orlando and Boston
May 16, 2007
Project melds health-care, banking info (discussion)
May 9, 2007
The Health Record Banking Alliance ( announced availability of a final draft of principles for health record banking.  Further dialogue and input is now encouraged.
March 31, 2007
Payer based PHR Recommendations released: Board List of Actions, Technical Implementation Guide

February 12, 2007
Privacy and Security Solutions for Interoperable Health Information Exchange

February 12, 2007
The Health Record Banking imperative: A conceptual model
February 9, 2007
e-Health Insider: Patients can carry records anywhere on secure smartcard
January 15, 2007
Privacy and Security Solutions for Interoperable Health Information Exchange
December 1, 2006
Final report of the Health Information Infrastructure Advisory Board (HIIAB)
November 30, 2006
Louisville health information exchange expands scope
Courier-Journal Article
November 29, 2006
Big Employers Plan Electronic Health Records
Wall-Street Journal Article
November 13, 2006
Ahead for 2007: Open-source software for RHIOs?
March 28, 2006
A Voluntary Approach Can Solve the Healthcare
Personal Identifier Dilemma
June 6, 2006
US Senate Bill would Centralize Medical Records
US Senator Brownback of Kansas introduced the Independent Health Record Banking Act, S.3454, in the US Senate.
October 11, 2005
AMERICANS SUPPORT ONLINE PERSONAL HEALTH RECORDS; PATIENT PRIVACY AND CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN INFORMATION ARE CRUCIAL TO ACCEPTANCE. National opinion survey confirms wide support for new patient and consumer principles for policies related to electronic health information exchange
Posted 5/30/06: Coalition to Examine Medical Records System                                               By Neil Adler for The Washington Business Journal

This article indicates where "state of the art" is in US health information exchange.  If LouHIE is successful with our approach, we will lead the nation.

  1. cost estimate for building RHIO of $15+ million (after feasibility study)
  2. claim to be “ahead of the pack nationwide” [a staple for RHIO press releases]
Posted 5/30/06: Health Care Spending and Use of Information Technology in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Countries.                                                   By Gerard F. Anderson, Bianca K. Frogner, Roger A. Johns, and Uwe E. Reinhardt
By Gary Baldwin, for HealthLeaders News
Who has got enough power to make regional data sharing work? This is an important article on current challenges of leadership and governance for RHIOs. 

Posted 4/26/05:  Here is a link to a video of a speech given by David Brailler, the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, appointed by President Bush, at the Governor's Association meeting in March, 2005.  In this 17:45 long presentation Dr. Brailler summarizes key issues and describes the role states and local health care communities have to play as basic building blocks in creating interoperable health care networks.  Kentucky's SB2 is referenced.  We especially recommend the section from 12 minutes, 25 seconds to the end.   Video Version  Audio Version

Posted 7/11/05: Quotes from Dr. Brailler at the eHealth Conference May 25th, 2005  

Posted 4/26/05:  We recommend a subscription to iHealthBeat, a daily news digest. 

Posted 4/26/05:  The eHealth Initiatives organization, a public-private collaborative at the national level (similar to KY HIE at the Kentucky level) offers useful information information and resources through its connecting communities for health website resource:

Posted 4/26/05:  David Brailer's Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, part of the Federal Government Health and Human Services Department, has government related information. 

Posted 6/21/05: Monday, Jun. 27, 2005

The e-Health Revolution How a bipartisan bill from Hillary Clinton and Bill Frist could help jump-start a new kind of health-care reform


Once before in his entrepreneurial career, Glen Tullman was standing at the threshold when technology transformed an industry. In the '90s, he helped figure out a system that allowed insurance claims to be recorded and processed on computers, not paper. It made him a bundle. Click here to view full article.


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