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Research Reports Updated 12-13-07

LouHIE has completed the Greater Louisville e-Health Research 2007 initiative.  Please select a link (below) to access research reports and data which are available.

Greater Louisville e-Health Research 2007 (Conducted August and September, 2007)
Documents Available Comment
Executive Summary Free.  Download Now
Complete Report (PDF Version) Available free as of 2-19-09.  Download now
Original de-identified research data and supporting documents (authorized personnel only) Click to access
State of Kentucky research results library - including original data from telephone research, answers to state questions, PDF version of the complete report and supporting documents.  The state has purchased a license through University of Louisville allowing authorized personnel involved in e-health for the Commonwealth of Kentucky to access this special intranet and related data and reports.

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Research funding for this project provided by the Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation (2004-6), Kentucky Legislature under SB 2 (2005-6) Kentucky Department for Public Health and the Kentucky Hospital Association (2005-6).   Additional funding, staff and technologies provided by University of Louisville, School of Public Health and Information Sciences and VisPlex Association, Inc.