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1.1 CONSUMER Quadrant
1.2 Employers
1.3 Medicaid/Safetynet
1.4 Seniors et al.
2.1 RESOURCE Quadrant
2.2 Payers
2.3 Health Tech
2.4 Workforce
3.1 PRODUCER Quadrant
3.2 Medical Products
3.3 Hospitals
3.4 Retail Services
4.1 CAREGIVER Quadrant
4.2 Pub Hlth & Ed
4.3 Physicians
4.4 Nurses et al.
Development Committee
Business Model
Community Conv.
Fundraising Cmte
Open Source Workgroup
Conslt Selection Workgroup
Research Workgroup

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The Committees area contains links to committee information and members.  

There are two types of committee. 

Stakeholder committees (with the numbers) are organized in four groups or "quadrants":

  1. Consumers (those who pay for and consume healthcare services).
  2. Resource Providers (those who provide infrastructure resources like financial processing, technology and workforce)
  3. Producers (those who produce healthcare products/services consumers consume
  4. Caregivers (those who help educate, diagnose and prescribe products/services for consumers.)

Functional committees do cross cutting work on issues like privacy, ethics, business models, and so on.  These committees are listed at the bottom.

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