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Employers et al. Committee

Welcome to the Employers and Employees committee area.  This area contains meeting notes, information and access to membership. Some information requires user-name and password to access. 

Employers'/Employees' Committee Charge (Approved)

The Employers/Employees Committee will:  

  1. Be comprised of 8-20 individuals representing in a balanced way the perspectives and interests of all employers in the Louisville metropolitan statistical area (including Southern Indiana).  This will include for-profit, non-profit and government employers, including healthcare employers such as physicians and hospitals.
  2. Help develop resources (funding etc.) to support the vision/mission of LouHIE
  3. Help develop and recommend policies, procedures and strategies that will A.) improve ability of employers to improve quality and reduce costs of healthcare for employers and employees and their families; and B.) improve quality and reduce costs of healthcare for all citizens in the Louisville community.
  4. Educate employers and employees about LouHIE activities and opportunities, and identify their interests and concerns. This will include formation and support of an online “LouHIE Employer Forum” and “LouHIE Employee Forum.” 
  5. Appoint a Chair of the Employer and Employee Committee who shall also serve as the Director for the LouHIE board, representing Employers and Employees.

Time Commitment and Responsibilities:  

  • Attend committee meetings on a quarterly or as needed basis.
  • Be available by phone and/or e-mail to answer questions from constituents, LouHIE staff and/or other board members.

Possible Issues to Address:  

  • How to Drive the “Community Conversation” among employers/employees
  • How to organizing funding/sponsorships/memberships among employers

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