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Consulting RFP Bidder Information

Sat, Feb 3, 2007.  LouHIE is seeking a consulting group to develop a business plan reflecting our community's goal to develop a community-wide consumer-driven health record bank. 

To explore this opportunity, you can do this following:  

1.  Review the RFP plus supporting materials (below).

2.  Attend a consultant teleconference this Tuesday 2-6-07 or Wednesday 2-7-07.

3.  Register in the LouHIE Consultant RFP Bidders space.  This will allow us to communicate with all bidders through our collaboration system.  Note:  each individual wishing to receive notifications will need to register separately. If you received an e-mail with the pre-register invite, you can use the key at the bottom of the e-mail to facilitate the process.  Click here to register.

4.  Send a letter of interest (due 2-12-07 via e-mail).  Please provide in your letter:

  • Your team's interest, availability and qualifications as a prime contractor.  In your letter you should also describe any current relationships which could represent a conflict of interest, and how you will manage the conflict to maintain objectivity.  An example of a conflict would be involvement with a potential sub-contractor or supplier of e-health or health record banking services or technologies to LouHIE. 
  • Your interest in being considered as a sub-contractor on another team's proposal.  Qualified experts living in the Louisville area, or with prior experience working with LouHIE, are encouraged to offer themselves as sub-contractors.  Expression of interest in sub-contracting will not effect LouHIE's consideration of you as a prime contractor.  Names of potential sub-contractors will be shared on 2-13-07 with prime-contractors who LouHIE invites to submit a full proposal. 

Here are documents to review:   

Here is a schedule of events: 

Date Item  
Bidders teleconference 11:00 AM EST. 

Dial-in Number: 1-641-297-5900
Participant Access Code: 71083

Bidders teleconference  11:00 AM EST.  

Dial-in Number: 1-641-297-5900
Participant Access Code: 56717

2-9-07 Bidders teleconference  2:00 PM EST.  

Dial-in Number: 1-641-297-5900
Participant Access Code: 83563

2-12-07 Letters of interest due from potential consultants.  LouHIE selects potential consultants to submit an RFP.  
Consultant Proposals due  
LouHIE awards contract.   
Final business plan due  

Your main point of contact will be Judah Thornewill, LouHIE's Acting Executive Director.   Contact information is provided in the RFP.

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