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LouHIE Research WorkGroup

Formed:  June 22, 2007 

Meeting Minutes and Planning Documents:

  • Organizational Meeting
  • July 24th/25th work sessions
  • Louisville eHealth Research 2007 Plan Version 17 (final)
Workgroup Charge:

Charge: The LouHIE Research Workgroup is charged with designing, supporting and evaluating results of LouHIE’s Community e-Health Research activities. This research will form a foundation for developing the LouHIE business plan.

Importance: The workgroup should conduct its activities reflecting the importance of its work for LouHIE. In a consumer-driven system such as LouHIE is seeking to develop, understanding e-health related attitudes, perceptions, concerns and desired benefits of consumers and the organizational stakeholders who serve them will be a critical foundation for an effective business plan and LouHIE operations going forward. In addition, effective research, appropriately published and disseminated, will help educate the Louisville community, including consumers and stakeholders, about the LouHIE opportunity. Finally, the research, well done, will help third party vendors justify making a decision to bid-on, and invest in, building LouHIE’s utility for the community.

Membership Structure: workgroup members will include 1-2 participants from each of LouHIE’s four quadrants, as well as researchers and support staff from Noblis and the University of Louisville.

Deliverables: The workgroup will develop and publish in the workgroup website area the following work products:

-Community e-Health Research Plan (to include telephone and focus group research activities).
-Research sponsorship opportunities
-Customized focus group opportunities
-Research focus group schedules and events
-E-Health research studies, findings and reports gathered from other communities, states and national groups.
-A Consolidated Community Research Report (upon completion of the process)

Administrative Processes: The workgroup will publish all meeting minutes and other “public” materials on the website. In addition, confidential, proprietary or copyrighted materials will be published in the workgroup intranet library, for “member only” access. This will allow LouHIE and the workgroup to comply with appropriate copyright and privacy requirements. Finally, workgroup membership will be posted on the site.


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