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LouHIE - Seniors Meeting minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

May 14th, 2007


Tihisha Rawlins

Janet Pollock

Judah Thornewill

Sam Sloss

Location: 10401 Linn Station Road


Rawlins moved (Sloss second) that the minutes of April 16, 2007 be approved. Motion passed.

Sloss moved (Rawlins second) that Janet Pollock be recommended to chair the Seniors Committee and request that the LouHIE Board approve her as the board representative. Motion passed. Pollock accepted the position assuming there were on conflict of interest issues associated with her job.

Topics of discussion included:

1) Thornewill brought the committee up to date on the consult selection process. Four groups have turned in proposals and a subcommittee will be evaluating the proposals Wednesday morning (May 16th) prior to the LouHIE board meeting. $110,000 of the $150,000 needed for the consultant work has been pledged of which $33,000 came from the City of Louisville.

LouHIE expects to sign a contract with a consultant by June 15, 2007. Consultants are expected to meet with committees (including Seniors Committee) during July 2007.

2) Expanding membership on the Seniors committee was discussed. Pollock will follow-up on Rawlins previous contact with Don Shields and Bob Cooley about getting a member from the Kentucky Department of Insurance.

3) The Seniors Committee is to come up with a list of issues it wants the consultants to address. The issues are to revolve around the two questions: a) How can LouHIE support seniors? and b) How can senior organizations support LouHIE?

4) There were discussion and concern about how the uninsured and citizens in smaller private plans would be included.

Next meeting: June 5th at 10:00 A.M. at 10401 Linn Station Road



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