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LouHIE - Seniors Committee
Meeting Minutes
June 5th, 2007

Janet Pollock
Judah Thornewill
Cindy Venable

Location: 10401 Linn Station Road

Topics of discussion included:

1) Thornewill presented an overview of LouHIE’s startup process, and current website. Ideas and discussion generated by this presentation included the following:
* Is there a way KY’s SPOE (Single point of entry) connects to a health record?
* What type of surveillance within the infrastructure of ER services, homeland security and
disaster response are useful to have as a resource?
* With the survey to be conducted by consultant group, can we gather reactions to Part D and
concerns consumers have and process problems identified?
* What distribution channels will be used?

2) LouHIE expects to sign a contract with a consultant by June 15, 2007. Consultants are expected to meet with committees (including Seniors Committee) during July 2007. A list of questions for the consultants to address will be e-mailed to committee members for discussion at the next meeting. These will follow the list of issues previously agreed on by the Seniors Committee: a) How can LouHIE support seniors? and b) How can senior organizations support LouHIE?

3) Membership on this committee was extended to Cindy Venable. Pollock will ask Sam Sloss to add her name to the Seniors Committee, LouHIE website. Pollock followed up with Jay Thompson at the Kentucky Department of Insurance. Thompson spoke with his department director, who denied involvement, due to the time required.

4) Thornewill agreed to speak at the July 10th meeting of TRIAD. This is a consumer and provider organization that meets monthly. Our hope is to add to our membership with a senior from this group. The meeting begins with lunch at 11:30, followed by a 12 noon business meeting. The LouHIE flyer will be distributed, and it would be a great reinforcement for any committee members to attend.

Next meeting: July 9th at 10:00 A.M. at 10401 Linn Station Road



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